Spring Break ’10!! :)

This year for spring break was quite boring but also relaxing and interesting in some way! haaa! Most of the time i hungout with my boyfriend,Tyler,which was fun!!

I had a movie night with my family and we rented alot of diffrent movies from horror to romance! It was alot of funn because we usually dont get to do stuff like that as a family!! I also went mudding and rode fourwheelers quite often!!

A couple of days of the week i went SHOPPING!!!!!!! (My favorite pasttime,everrrrrrrr)
I bought a bunch of new clothes! I had like over 200 dollars to spend from my birthday party! I was pretty darn excited about that. I mean that much money and bein able to spend it on whatever you want,its like a girls fantasy!!!!!! hehehe 🙂

AND then it snowed…….So i went and played out in the snow for a couple of hours and then i got tired of it soo i went inside!

This was how my spring break went! I wasen’t upset that i didn’t really get to go anywhere special because it was actually nice just staying home and relaxing! In my opinion my spring break was pretty grrrrrreat!!!! 🙂



This week our school had FFA week. We had many diffrent events for each day and today’s was the petting zoo! The petting zoo is my personal favorite because you get to see alot of diffrent and cute animals!

My business tech class decided to go and record one animal that you liked and ask its owner about it. Me, Cheyenne, and Mariah partnered up and learned about a miniature sheep named Black Betty! This little sheep was prego and was brought by Emily Alberty. It wasen’t Emily’s, it was a friend of hers so she really couldnt tell us much about it but she told is enough!

I LOVED the petting zoo! There were soooooooo many cute animals. Rabbits, pigeons, baby sheep. baby pigs, baby goats, calfs, etc…….. This was just an all around petting zoo!!

The importance of a good password!!

Why is it important to have a good password??

Well,i have learned that having a good strong password will protect you from people hacking into your personnal stuff!! Also,if you get three good passwords and rotate them around then nobody would figure them out.

Be sure to have them on a piece of paper or just someway you can remember them. If you do put them on a piece of paper be sure to put it someplace that you can find it and noone else can find.

It is very important to pick a good password even if it is something simple.

Here is my presentation.



In my business tech class this semester we read chapter1 in our DigiTools book!

I learned alot of diffrent technology stuff….like an ultra mobile PC, Hardware, microproccesor, processing, and a PC.

There are alot of diffrent PCs. A PC stands for personal computer and a UMPC is an ultra mobile PC like a laptop of somesort. There are multimedia, desktop, portable, laptop, handheld computers, personal digital assistants, smart phones,iPods, MP3 players, digital video recorders, and game consoles are all PCs.

I learned how messages travel through the computer and how they work. Also how to connect computers together, Im not very good with computers so this was very confusing to me but i somehow managed to get it!

I also learned how to correctly pick out a password. I learned that rotating three diffrent passwords will help you not to forget them. Also, how to pick a really good password. Make it short and sweet, here is an example for you “1ringing3”. How you couldnt forget that is by thinking of a word association to help you remember it, For example, “i1ringing3” could mean “One phone call to three friends” Dont make creating passwords a hard thing.

That is all i learned in Chapter 1 🙂


Welp,my weekend was pretty great if i must say! Finally, the snow came in and I got like 6 inches at my house 🙂 Sledding, Snowmen, Snowball fights i think so!!

I built like three snowmen,ya they didn’t turn out to great! No matter how hard i tried they all looked deformed in some way! ha!!

I went sledding for like three days straight! Crazy? NOPE Fun? DEFINANTLY The way i sled is by hooking the sled on the back of a fourwheeler and just taking off!! So, Haylie and Jaci came over to go sledding and we had this bright idea to go in this back field that we have NEVER sled on before,BAD IDEA! There were so many bumps and potholes it wasen’t even funny! We were so sore afterwards but we had tons of fun!!

I love hot coco and snow icecream. It took me and Jaci and Haylie awhile to get the snow icecream perfect but after like 5 tries we got it 🙂

My weekend started out boring since i really couldnt go anywhere but once i got out and started sledding and stuff,i think its safe to say that this 4 day weekend was the BEST!!


Ohhhh,how i love snowy days!! There fantasticly great 🙂 Winter is one of my favorite seasons so i am always looking forward to the snow!

On snow days, me and my family have this tradition we do every year. We run barefoot in the snow every time the first snow comes! Its verrrrrrry cold but also fun!! I also love “trying” to build a snowman. Sometimes theres enough snow and sometimes there isn’t but its always worth the try! Snowball fights and snow angels are another funn thing i like to do when it snows.

Best thing about snow days is NO SCHOOL!! YAY!!!!!

Bad things about snow??? I THINK NOT!!

Cassidy’s Hair Salon!!

i found these photos here. http://images.google.com/images?gbv=2&hl=en&safe=active&q=hair+salon&sa=N&start=324&ndsp=18

Lat year in business tech, i created a fake business. My business was a hair salon! I chose this because i love fixing hair,its my hobby! 🙂 I think im good at it but other people may have a diffrent input. The name of my business is…Cassidy’s Hair Salon!!

The purpose of my business is..well i reallly don’t have a purpose i just really love fixing hair!! Its
alot of fun and sometimes a hassel.

I chose to run this business because i love fixing hair. Also, to make money 🙂 and help alot of people who need haircuts. haha!!

If my life was a show?!

If i was to choose one show that would be most like my life it would be” The Hills”!! My life is full of great friends and alot of memorible times just like the show. Oh and i cant forget the drama!!

I have alot of great friends that are there for me! We have alot of crazy times but alot of fights too just like Lauren and Heidi! We like to do crazy stuff and get in trouble but we can also be Angels 🙂

I don’t live in a big mansion like they do on the show but i do have some glamour in my life! I am spoiled,kinda! I like to go shopping an find the newest styles and i definantly love to find new shoes!

I know my life would be great as a tv show because its very interesting! Boys, drama, crazy times, not so crazy times all are apart of my life and make it great! I know that my show would be a hit and get a ton of fans,lol! My friends and family would even agree that my life is quite an interesting one!

The three sponsors i would choose for my show are: Dr.Pepper, Seventeen Magazine, and Verizon!

I like all these sponsors! Dr.Pepper,because its my favorite drink! Seventeen Magazine,because its a really good magizina and it gets a lot of money! Verizon,because i LOVE their phones! All these sponsors will help my tv show in some way.

Every eposide will just show what i do and how i live my life! Many diffrent and exciting moments will occur,i guarentee it! 🙂




Tanning Problems!


This picture is from channelone.com

This story is about all the diffrent risks of tanning. Like skin cancer and other things to do with your body and skin!

I found this here.  http://news.channelone.com/ap/health/FDA-debates-tougher-cancer-warning-on-tanning-beds-185517

My opinion over this story is.. I think it is very dangerous to tan but thats only if you do it every dayfor a long period of time! I don’t think its bad to tan but tanning does come with risks,like skin cancer! I also think that the girl should not of tanned so long and so much. I mean she had been tanning since she was in 6th grade,thats a long time. No wonder she got a rare type of skin cancer called melanoma!



 This guy hacked into computer networks supporting major American retail and financial organizations, and to steal data relating to tens of millions of credit and debit cards! This happened December 29, 2009!


I found this  here. http://www.cybercrime.gov/gonzalezPlea.pdf

My opinion on this story is this guy was very stupid!!  He was very dumb about the whole situation! He gave other hackers all his information and how to do it and they turned him in also. He only got 17 years in prison but personally i think he should of got more cause he hacked into the goverments personally accounts and stuff!!

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